Cope Active Launch Stylish Workout Range

Who else remembers a time when the two words ‘fitness’ and ‘fashion’ would never be put in the same sentence? Yes, your workout gear would be functional and sure, it would serve a purpose but let’s be honest, our gym attire used to leave us looking more in crisis than in vogue. But over the last couple of years this has completely changed and now us fit females are looking more trendy in the gym than the models on a London Fashion Week catwalk.

Put it this way; if you go on a night out in that old skirt you’ve been pictured in on Facebook like, a MILLION times and that top that’s 10 years old and used to be your sister’s, chances are you’re not going to feel that great. Well the same goes for when you’re working out. It’s a psychological thing. And I got a B in my psychology A Level, so obviously I’m an expert. If you feel good in your snazzy lycra then you’ll probably be way more up for the workout and therefore perform better and train harder.

Enter Copé Active – the brand spanking new luxury designer activewear founded by two beautiful blonde ladies, Caroline-Christine Wilhelm and Sophie VerWater. The idea was born with the realisation that women want to workout in style. And stylish it definitely is. The online destination offers a range of stunning pieces that have been sourced from niche designers from across the globe.

I met Caroline and Sophie when they launched the brand with a pop-up at High Street Kensington-based fitness destination Core Collective. After being put through our paces with tasters of the studio’s three workouts, Velocity, Accelerate and Resistance run by head coach James Pisano, fellow blogger and PT Celia Learmonth (aka London Fitness Guide) and PT Paddy Colman, we refuelled with an amazing healthy brunch, courtesy of Who Loves You while checking out the selection of gorgeous Copé Active attire.

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Not only does Copé Active offer leggings, tops, sports bras (etc), you’ll also find some of the most beautifully designed yoga mats you will probably ever see (who knew yoga mats could be beautiful, right?) and accessories that will transform you into the most stylish gym bunny in London.

Ok, enough from me. Take a look for yourselves:

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